Q: If the ring that I like is listed under the gold section, and pictured in yellow, can I get it in a
different color or metal?

A: Yes, most of our styles are available in yellow and white gold, as well as in platinum and palladium.
Q: Can I change how wide the wedding ring is?
A: Yes, most of our rings are available in a variety of millimeter widths.
Q: What if I see an engagement ring which holds a round stone in the center can I get it to hold a princess cut stone?
A: Yes, most of our styles can accommodate a variety of different diamond shapes and sizes.
Q: Can I purchase a ring directly from Lieberfarb?
A: Lieberfarb does not sell direct to the consumer. Our line is sold by fine retail jewelry stores. Please complete the "Where Can I Buy Lieberfarb" page to find a retailer nearest you.
Q: How do I find out how much a particular ring costs?
A: Since we do not sell directly to the public, by visiting your local fine retail jewelry store, they will be able to contact Lieberfarb for that information.
Q: I like to support American made products, where does Lieberfarb manufacture its rings?
A: Lieberfarb is proud to say we support the American worker and manufacture in our factory in New Jersey.